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Family Individualized Tuition

本着皇冠365官方app承诺建立社区和消除障碍的精神, we have implemented an innovative new tuition model called Family Individualized Tuition (FIT). FIT旨在为学术合格的学生增加获得高质量皇冠365官方app教育的机会,这些学生可以加强我们的社区并推进皇冠365官方app和伯奇曼斯学院的使命. We understand that each family’s household needs are individualized, 因此,基于需求和能力的个性化学费是完全合理的, too. 在竞争激烈的私立学校市场,我们希望成为您家庭的首选!

When we toured the campus at Sacred Heart, I was struck by its beauty and its history, and especially by the confidence and kindness of the girls.  这正是我对女儿的期望,FIT弥补了我们负担能力的差距,使之成为可能.

Family Individualized Tuition Application Process

  • 目前家庭申请FIT的最佳截止日期是2023-24学年的2023年2月1日. Applications can be submitted as early as October 1, 2022. Eligibility for FIT for new families is ongoing.
  • To prepare to apply, collect the required supporting documents: most recent pay stubs and W-2 forms for all jobs; most recently filed tax return (1040, 1040A, 1040EZ with all schedules), most recently filed business tax return if applicable, and any supplemental income documentation (social security, child support, 1099M forms, workers’ compensation, unemployment, veterans benefits, etc).
  • Visit Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST) and create an account or log in if you already have an account. 填写FAST要求的信息并提交所需的文件. There is a $45 processing fee.
  • Once your information is processed, 皇冠365官方app将收到FAST的推荐信. 使用FAST的建议和家庭提供的所有其他定性信息, 一个可持续的学费比率将被确定,学费优先作为最高的财务承诺,但不超过你的预算.
  • If you have questions about FIT, contact the Admissions Office or 337.662.7064. If you have questions about the FAST application, contact or call 1.877.326.FAST.

These options are fully explained in your enrollment contract.

The Academy and Berchmans use a fair and confidential process. We consider many factors as we determine each family’s tuition, including income, assets, liabilities, debts, 在收费学校(不包括日托)就读的受扶养人和子女人数, preschool, and graduate school), and expenses. We will begin with the recommendation of FAST, 哪些是基于每个家庭在FAST申请过程中提供的信息. 我们将审查建议和家庭提供的所有其他定性信息,并确定一个可持续的学费率,优先考虑学费作为最高的财务承诺,但不超过你的预算.

FIT Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions Team

D'Lane Wimberley Thomas
Admissions Director

Hélène Châtelain De Pronville                        Residential & International Global Education Admissions Coordinator 

Jenna Ibieta
Admissions Coordinator
Varsity Volleyball Coach

Tuition Individualized to You

选择最适合您孩子的教育是一个非常个人的决定,我们理解很多因素, including tuition, contribute to your final decision. In keeping with our Mission, 我们的FIT学费流程个性化每个家庭的学费率,使皇冠365官方app教育触手可及. 当我们通过FIT流程来确定您家庭的贡献时, 请知道,公平和保密是这个过程的核心. 我们的最终目标是丰富我们的皇冠365官方app社区,触动更多的学生在学院和伯奇曼的心灵和思想. FIT makes this possible!