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    Les Enfants      (1 - 2-yrs old)


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Primary School  (PreK 3 - 4th)


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Prep School (5th - 7th)


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   Upper School   (8th- 12th)


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Let's Get Started!

The following documents are required in support of the application.  These documents can be uploaded on CoteauConnection (online school portal) or submitted directly to the school:

Choose the appropriate teacher recommendation form below:

Pre-Kindergarten 3 Teacher Recommendation

Pre-Kindergarten 4 Teacher Recommendation

Kindergarten Teacher Recommendation

Grades 1-4 Teacher Recommendation

Grades 5-12 English Teacher Recommendation

Grades 5-12 Math Teacher Recommendation



Online applications should be completed and submitted to the Admissions Office as early as possible.  Upon receipt of the completed online application, the Admissions Office will contact you to set up a testing date.



Entrance exams are administered at the school by appointment.



Shadow Days are administered at the school by appointment.

Schedule a Shadow Day



The Academy follows the process of rolling admissions. We encourage you to submit your online application with consideration for the time required to test, as well as to receive academic records and completed recommendation forms. We recommend that you apply early to ensure sufficient time to complete the admissions process.

Academy of the Sacred Heart welcomes applications from girls of any national or ethnic origin, 比赛, creed or color. Please refer to the the application process for Les Enfants (1-2 year old), Lower (PreK3-4), Prep (5-7) or Upper (8-12)

Applicants to the school are considered on the basis of their application, entrance exam test scores, previous school records, and teacher recommendations. 

Admissions Team

D'Lane Wimberley Thomas
Admissions Director

Hélène Châtelain De Pronville                        Residential & International Global Education Admissions Coordinator 

Jenna Ibieta
Admissions Coordinator
Varsity Volleyball Coach

Becky Priour

Admissions Coordinator

The Gift of a Lifetime

A day I will never forget is the very first time I experienced life at Sacred Heart: the day I shadowed. I remember so many feelings of nervousness and anticipation. All of these feelings went away when I was welcomes by such sisterly love from girls I had never met before, who would later become girls I would proudly call my sisters to this day. This day was such a defining moment in my life." - ASH Alumna, '22